Thursday, March 7, 2013

For the Record

I cleaned my room.  Sort of.  Okay, so I cleaned HALF of my room.  But in my defense, it's my half and I can't touch David's half without toppling over his very strategically pile mountain of clothes.  So ha!  I did it.  I am the Master of Minimalist Parenting!  (Not really.  But it's a nice idea.)

Today's project is to take something off my list that I don't want to do and to make sure I do something that I really want to do.  Okay.  Here's today's list from Wunderlist:

Never mind.  I can't cut and paste it and I am NOT retyping the 17 things that are on it.  Let's just go with this:  Not only is there nothing I can take off the list, there is nothing FUN on the list to begin with!

I have to make better lists.  So maybe that's what I'm going to make Day 2.5:  Make better lists!  And as soon as I tackle at least half of the 17 things listed, I'll get right on that.

In the meantime, I found a picture of something that tops my "fun" category.  This is my very brave 15 year old tackling the zip line at a local ski resort last summer.  My definition of "fun" involves watching my kids smile until their cheeks hurt.

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