Sunday, March 17, 2013

Following Instructions Isn't My Strong Suit

On Day #6, I was challenged to de-clutter for 15 minutes and take before and after pictures.  Only, as usual, I didn't follow directions beyond "de-clutter" and "pictures".  I chose the room that was giving me the biggest heartache, dragged the fellas with me, and had at it. 

I give you - much to my embarrassment - the before pictures of my 9 year old's room.

Now, I realize it doesn't look terrible.  (Okay, it really does, but I'm talking myself out of deleting this entire post).  Graham was sent upstairs before I snapped these pictures to scoop up all of his dirty laundry and trash.  So these pictures actually look pretty mild compared to the reality that had been his room for several weeks.

So David, Graham, and I set to work.  David and I have very different approaches to chaos.  The first thing I did was gather up all the books I could find and start sorting and organizing the bookshelf.  I make quick decisions and toss anything damaged or useless (completely colored coloring books, for instance.)  I need to finish one thing at a time so I can look back and say, "Progress!  We're making progress!" when I feel frustrated by a project.  David, on the other had, examines each object on the floor, determines its potential usefulness, life expectancy, and coolness factor.  Then, after careful consideration, he moves things into piles.  I think we drive each other crazy.

In the end, though, the rooms looks like it should.  Now I just need to finally buckle down and buy the kid some curtains.  We refinished the room in July.  It's probably about time I do that, eh?

I probably missed the point of the "15 minute de-clutter" assignment, but I'll try that approach again another time.  Right now I'm going to revel in clean.  For a day or two, at least.

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