Sunday, March 17, 2013

Email Organization

Day #7 requests I de-clutter my email.  Mastered this ages ago.  Because I rock.  And I'm married to a software developer.  And I've adopted some of his OCD tendencies.  Also my email is really lame these days... it's not like the Gymboree ads need a response or I have to reply to the mass email from Girl Scouts.  But anyway, things are filtered and logged and read and sorted and deleted and... yeah, you get the picture.

On a totally different note, I'm writing from the bookstore.  This is a rare and kind of fun thing.  No kids.  I escaped for a few hours without the lovely little nose miners.  However, I've noticed I can't turn my ears off.  I listen to EVERYTHING.  Right now I'm completely aware of the three conversations going on around me (darling teenage girl trying to prove that she would make a good Buddhist  a flamboyant chess game, and a debate over the merits of whipped cream on a latte.).  The music is playing.  And the woman in front of me is chewing gum.  Oh, and Mumfort and Sons was just playing, but now it's some disappointing pop nonsense.  I should bring headphones and block the world out...

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