Thursday, October 31, 2013

Women Gamers... as Pin Up Girls?

Kickstarter is an interesting site.  Lots of potential for good can happen there and we're able to support what we like and ignore what we don't.  But this is beyond demeaning.

Let's just set aside the fact that the entire premise of this project is completely untrue.  (Nearly Half of All Gamers are Women -  Let's forget that the sexualization of women and girls has proven negative effects.  (Sexualization of Girls - American Psychological Association).  And just for a second, let's even forget the mental health issues that crop up when girls are sexualized.  (Sexualization of Girls Linked to Common Mental Health Problems in Girls and Women)

Let's focus on the fact that these two young men think this is how we're going to "help" women gamers.  (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, folks.  Whiskey Tango  Foxtrot!)  What are we teaching our sons?

With this in mind I talked to my almost-10 year old this morning.  I told him what they were doing.  "They want to help women gamers by make a calendar of them in their pajamas."  

He looked at me like I had eight heads.  "How does that help?"

"Exactly!  It's not helping!  And it's not okay that these men are treating these women they're only good gamers if they show off their bodies."

He busied himself in his backpack for a few minutes as I wiped down the counter.

"That's sad," he finally said.  "Nobody ever told them they're important enough to keep their clothes on."

And that was when I knew there was some hope left in this world.

So good luck with your "project", Jared and Erick-with-a-CK.  You won't be getting any support from us.  We respect people in this house - including women gamers.

*Please note, I spent many years as a woman gamer.  World of Warcraft was not only a fun game, but a great social outlet.  However, it's also a huge time sink and I gave it up because it was too much of a distraction.  

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  1. Hurrah for you. I couldn't agree more.

    Found you at Thumping Thursdays blog hop.