Friday, October 18, 2013

Teens and Trick or Treating

Jillian's Dalek pumpkin 2012
Trick or Treaters of all ages are welcome at our front door. Sharing one of our favorite holidays with other festive families makes it even more fun for us.  My kids, particularly my oldest, pour hours of thought into their costumes and usually make them from scratch.  (Please don't think I'm Martha Stewart, but we've been pretty clever over the years.)
As much as I love teenage trick or treaters, I do have a few humble requests:

  • Ladies, please respect yourselves.  Your body is not your costume and shouldn't be on display for the world.  Further more, respect everyone else and don't make us uncomfortable as you pour out of your costume.
  • Use your manners, folks.  I am "that mom".  I will insist on hearing a nice, hearty "Trick or Treat!" before I dole out the candy and if you don't say thank you, I will merrily call, "Oh!  You must have forgotten your manners!  You're very welcome." as you slink down my driveway.
  • Remember this is really a holiday for little kids and please don't push, bully, or harass them.  Even in our nice suburban neighborhood, I've seen a little too much rough stuff and it bothers me.
  • Put a little effort into it.  Be creative, think about your costume.  Heck, even if you bloody up your old soccer uniform and become a zombie goalie, I'll take it!
  • And just be nice!  Enjoy the holiday, get into the spirit, and be a decent human being.


  1. I hear you on the costumes! I hate having to hand candy over to a pair of boobs and fishnets. Ugh have some class!

    1. Exactly! I wish there were more strong role models for teenage girls these days... starting with their mommas!

  2. Love the pumpkin! And how is it I don't know about your blog??

    1. It's one of the few things in the world I'm good at keeping my mouth shut about... and I'm not really sure what my focus is.