Friday, May 9, 2014

Do You Wanna Get a Frosty?

My 17 year old is on a bus returning from New York City where she saw Of Mice and Men on Broadway with her Honors English class.  She got Chris O'Dowd's autograph and James Franco was in the play, so it's been a memorable experience.  We've been texting during her long drive home and ended up writing a parody of Do You Want to Build a Snowman based on our trip to Wendy's last night.  She told me the last part made her sad... which wasn't my intention.  I just kind of changed the words from the original.  So anyway... this is how I entertained my kid on the ride back from NYC this afternoon (and a pretty good indication that I need to do something more productive during nap time):

Do you wanna get a Frosty?
C'mon, what do you say?.
You know it really could be fries
With real cute guys
...oh darn he's gay.

You know that they're so yummy
In a cup or cone
I wish you would share that fry.
Do you want to get a Frosty?
It doesn't have to be a Frosty.

(Get a life, Mom)

Okay... bye...

(Knock knock knock...)

Do you wanna get a Frosty?
Or drive my car down to the mall?
I think some conversations over due
I've started talking to
Your old discarded dolls.
(Eat a burger, Barbie)
It gets a little lonely
All these empty hours
Just watching your years fly by...

Do you wanna get a Frosty?
And a side of fries....?

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