Monday, March 12, 2012

How much has changed...

So this baby will be our fifth.  Granted, there are all but 10 years between G and this baby, but it's all the same, right?  I have the basics covered:  I know how to diaper and burp and swaddle and bathe.  I'm prepared for 3 - 4  months of sleepless nights.  I know better than to fall into the marketing traps that make me believe that the latest and greatest gadget will make my life easier.  (The heart beat bear, the light up mobile, the wedge that keeps babies on their sides... I am sure there are oodles of new ones.)  I've dealt with Colic and reflux.  I've dealt with choking (scary!!) and pink eye.  I breastfed successfully and for well beyond the year that the doctor recommends.  I've potty trained, weaned, and tracked down lost socks.  I'm the queen of deftly avoiding, ignoring, and circumventing temper tantrums.  I'm even almost come to terms with the c-section recovery.

Every time I visit a baby related website, I read articles - or at the very least I read headlines - and I remember how voraciously I read the exact same things 15, 12, and 8 years ago.  Now I look at them and find them feeling... recycled.  Babies don't change.  Baby gear only get shinier and more complicated, but the function is the same.  So what am I going to find to read about pregnancy that I haven't read before... or that won't scared the flibberty jibbets out of me?  Hm.

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