Thursday, June 6, 2013

Facebook Status... Farewell, School Year from Hell

Dear 2012-2013 School Year: Thank you for allowing me the time to watch my children grow, take control of their own futures, and develop a greater sense of responsibility. Thank you for their increasing sense of humor, wit, and dry sarcasm (most of the time.) Thank you for offering them teachers who challenged them and teachers who gave them the opportunity to learn to respect adults even if they are difficult to relate to. Thank you for giving them a chance to learn to apologize for poor choices (Marilyn, Graham will never, ever dance on a table again, I promise!). Thank you for giving them the grace to forgive my many, many momma-flaws. But mostly thank you for letting me find moments of joy among the frustration and moments of grace in the midst of the chaos. Now, please tell 2013-2014 that we're taking it by storm and it has been put on notice! Sincerely, Momma Bear

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